[sdiy] Countryman phase shifter component ID needed

>>>marjan<<< urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Thu May 10 00:21:16 CEST 2001

> There's a key component that I don't recognize.  It's a little white chip,
> about 1 cm on a side and only 1 mm or so thick.  It's got ten copper leads,
> four of which have been snipped off flush with the chip.  Markings are an H
> logo (Harris?), A9, 911-5.  There are a total of nine of these "chips" (they
> don't look like normal ICs) on the main board.  The only other visible
> active component is an old-style op amp.  Can anyone ID the white chips?
> Primitive delay lines?  Op amps?

Vactrols (LDR+LED pair)? Often used in phase shifters...
Maybe just LDR but then it should have LED or a bulb somewhere...


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