[sdiy] µP controlled analogue switches

Fortner Florian florian.fortner at fh-joanneum.at
Wed May 2 14:37:22 CEST 2001

Hi folks!

I'm  a newbie in synthesizer design, so I wanted to start with the ASM-1 but
with full MIDI-control. My biggest problem is the signal and cv routing, for
4 asm-1 circuits I need 30-45 switches or muxes. Because of the limited pin
count on the µP (Atmel AVR) I have to multiplex the switches to reduce the
pin count. Does anyone know if there are switches with built-in latch (to
hold the state while the other switches are controlled) and capable of
withstanding the high signal voltages and cv's? I only found some
(expensive) parts from analog devices but all without latch. Or is there a
better solution?

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