[sdiy] pulsed battery rechargers

Ken Stone sasami at blaze.net.au
Wed May 2 11:17:57 CEST 2001

I think the reason they are not so popular is marketing - they'd rather you
buy new batteries. Also alkalines can really only be recharged if NOT
completely drained (ideal for you). In fact, alkalines in Australia contain
a label warning that recharging is dangerous! - they really don't want you
getting better value out of them!


>I have an old style digital camera that is very heavy on the alkaline AA
>cell usage. As soon as the cell's current capacity drops below tip top level
>the internal disk drive (I think) stops working though the batteries can
>still be used for any other application requiring less draw and they still
>read 1.5V on a meter. Consequently I have a ton of nearly new Duracell AAs.
>Does anyone have experience with these 'pulsed battery chargers' that claim
>to restore standard non-rechargeables? Do they work and what's the
>principle? That is, why aren't they more popular?
>I could probably save quite a bit as they cost about £30 to buy. Thanks.
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