[sdiy] simple lfo circuit ?]

Mountain Man mtman at cloud9.net
Thu Mar 29 23:53:22 CEST 2001

Actually, I got several replies, Darren :)   I'll certainly study the
circuits you point out, thanks very much  :)   The folks on this list
been great!  I'm learning a lot, and appreciate the openness and
to share with a beginner that people here have demonstrated.  What a


Darren Reid wrote:

> "Mountain Man" <mtman at cloud9.net> asks:
> > I'm looking for a very simple lfo circuit.  I want something that I can
> > use for clocking a sample&hold, with optional output for routing
> > elsewhere.  Something that produces sine or triangle output with a
> > single rate control would be perfect.  I've seen references to an lfo
> > from the "Moo" synth, but can't find any schematics.  Can someone point
> > me to a circuit diagram of this or something comparable?
> Well, if no one else is going to answer...
> here's a complex one:
> http://members.home.net/sbernardi/elec/lfo.html
> but since you want simple, the National app notes have a simple one with
> square and triangle output based on just a 701a and a 708 IIRC:
> http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-31.pdf
> (check out "Function Generator", page 6)
> There are also a couple of sine generators there.
> Try:
> http://www.national.com/ms/LB/LB-16.pdf
> ..for some simple, interesting looking sine/square generators. The big
> caveat with these is that just one won't provide a full tunable audible
> frequency range....but they're not too far off.

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