[sdiy] Chip ID

Roel Das jimbomagic at mad.scientist.com
Wed Mar 28 09:27:02 CEST 2001

Here's the dutch version:

'Spannings gestuurde filter' But I don't think anyone would prefer that over
'Schema' is used however...


At 11:47 PM 27/03/01 +0200, Magnus wrote:
>It is actually wounderfull what amount of stuff you can dig up on
This is certainly true, and doubtless if I spoke languages other
than english I could find more!

If any of the Europeans on the list could give a few keywords like
'voltage controlled  filter' and 'schematic' I'd be grateful.
Also what does google do with the non-english characters?

paul perry melbourne australia
(I have a musician from germany doing some tech work at the moment,
if anyone has any good german diy electronic links)

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