[sdiy] SAD-1024 delay line

Aurora PPGsynth sdiyguy999 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 24 05:18:20 CET 2001

>You have to deal with clock noise and filtering at EACH chip; gets
>We have a few MN3005s for sale if you want to use a full fledged 4096
>stage IC. Delays up to 400mS are pretty easy. The clocking chips are no
>longer available, but a 4013B does a pretty good job generating the two
>phase clock from a square wave VCO.

I figured the inbetween electronics would be bitchy, but once I've done it 
for one chip, fixing up the rest should be the same, right?

I have been under the impression for a while now that a single 1024 will 
provide 500mS of delay time max.  Is this figure incorrect?

Also, it is most likely naive for me to expect a 555 timer IC to be able to 
provide clock for these -- is this assumption correct?

Regarding the person who wanted the memoryman schematic:  Call EH -- They 
were happy to send me the schemes when I was repairing a memoryman.

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