[sdiy] the beauty and the shame...

tomg@efm efm3 at mediaone.net
Sat Mar 24 05:09:11 CET 2001

I have heard of this before on this list. It seems the women 
we love must "feel" ( yes it's that woman word ) they are 
loved most of all. Even though you may be second or third 
on their list they must be number one on yours. Going off
to the dungon for days on end is bad for a relationship
where the thing she want's most ( to help and share) is 
pretty much excluded. So if you are going to be obsessed
it's best to fall in love with a girl who owns her own
soldering iron......It'd be nice if she had a mini or 55 too
but you can't have everything....I don't know why it is that
you can't have everything but it's some sort of rule....;-)

Chin up Ken. That gorgeous babe won't be able too see
how your eyes look like deep pools that she could just
fall into forever...or whatever it's gonna be ...;-) 


> where does the story start. with the woman i loved or
> with the idea. my freinds, with no where to go
> anywhere, marriage to love dashed against shores I
> have no control of....
> Lord let me give in...
> My sadness is my love who was my wife, alas loves me
> no more. My dear men and women, be careful how ye
> tread
> with thee analogue synth

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