[sdiy] 4136??

Martin Czech czech at Micronas.Com
Fri Mar 16 19:07:02 CET 2001

The question desired a full answer.  Sure, if it were sunday and I had
to swap an op amp for some reason for another type, I'd read ther spec
and then try it.  What else could I do? I'm not THAT academic.

But only if no power stage, nuclear reactor or anything else as hot
would be connected to that.


Even if the burning of the chip wouldn't matter, it is the most
anoying thing if you build something, and much later, when you use
it (on stage) and hardly can't remember what it all was about,
it starts to fail every now and then. You will loose
lots of time and hair to find out that hidden reason.
So the thinking to do the job right is not only appropriate for
industrial production, but for certain home-brew as well.

It simply saves a lot of grief.

I'm just in the process for tape out for a new IC.  And we found a bug
after 2 WEEKS of reviews just before tape.  Now, two weeks sounds crazy
to you, but we would certainly have lost a quarter year or even more to
find that nasty bug on real silicon, it's the kind of every now and then
error that can drive you really crazy and into despair...


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:::interesting, even if unnerving, reading !  

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