[sdiy] OT: sequencing over the internet

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Wed Mar 14 06:06:26 CET 2001

Yamaha has already released it's first generation of mlan products, which
uses firewire (IEE1394) and is apparently open-source. It is capable of
transmitting and receiving multiple audio and midi channels over one
standard firewire cable.

-- Sarth

> From: Glen <mclilith at ezwv.com>
> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 11:02:49 -0500
> To: <synth-diy at node12b53.a2000.nl>
> Subject: RE: [sdiy] OT: sequencing over the internet
> At 09:27 AM 3/14/01 , Dan Gendreau wrote:
> This topic makes me wonder if it would be practical to write some sort of
> MIDI drivers which would send MIDI info over a LAN, instead of MIDI cables,
> at higher speeds than standard MIDI? For example, I'm thinking of having
> sequencer software on one computer and soft synths on the other computer/s.
> It would also be interesting to be able to access any external synths
> connected to the remote computer's traditional MIDI interface. That would
> be sort of like sharing printers that are connected to traditional parallel
> ports on the remote computers. Is it possible to use the local network to
> replace the MIDI interconnecting cables, and thereby avoid some of the
> latency and bandwidth problems of standard MIDI?
> This should be similar to the original idea of connecting through the
> internet, but it would offer much higher throughput than most people's
> internet connection. For windows, I think it would be just a question of
> writing "drivers" that sent and received the MIDI data through the LAN. The
> sequencing apps and the synth apps would work as they always did, and the
> MIDI-LAN idea would be totally transparent to such end-user apps. It should
> be possible to simulate several MIDI "cables" over a single LAN cable.
> I think Yamaha or Roland are working on something similar, but their
> solution utilizes custom hardware installed on hardware synth modules, and
> I think they use custom network interfaces. To implement my ideas, there
> shouldn't be any need to develop new hardware for simple
> computer--->computer transfers. I like the idea of using standard, existing
> LAN hardware and software where possible.
> Later,
> Glen

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