[sdiy] Boss PC-2, JoMoX XBase-09

danial stocks diode at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 14 00:39:37 CET 2001

>	Anyone built an "ultimate basskick" circuit?  Is there one available on
>the web somewhere?  Any recommendations or tips, or pointers to
>documentation that's relevant? Remember, I'm a newbie to this, only
>getting started, but I'm eager to learn. :)

I made a modified variant of the 909 kicker.. nice.. but I think my all time 
fave would be the pearl syncussion.. this is a drum synth with 2 sounds, 7 
or 8 controls each.. can make mindblowing sounds with this.. not expensive, 
I think they are only abt $150, but a little hard to find..
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