[sdiy] ROM duplication & MT-32

Greg Montalbano Greg.Montalbano at ucop.edu
Tue Mar 13 17:47:57 CET 2001

Finally ready with the Roland MT-32 modification.
This mod allows the installation of a backup battery (to maintain 
new sounds & settings when the unit is powered down), and a replacement of
the factory ROMS, without which the battery backup would not work (due to
the factory initialization routine),  and which allows you to store
entirely new timbres in ROM.

Thanks to the lovely & talented Jim Patchell, a data dump of the two ROMs
is available at:  http://www.silcom.com/~patchell/mt32/mt32.html

I've also boiled down the instructions to about 59K worth of text & GIF
files, which I will be happy to email to anyone who wants to attempt this mod.
BE WARNED that not all MT-32s are alike;  there were apparently several
board types, some of which had the ROMs soldered in (mine were in sockets),
which will require you cutting the old ones out and installing new sockets
(it's do-able, but not for the impatient or faint-of-heart).  The mod also
involves cutting certain traces on the board & soldering jumpers to new
locations -- again, it can be done, but perhaps not a "novice level"

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