[sdiy] Speaking of OTAs/Matched Pairs????

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Mon Mar 12 22:50:33 CET 2001

>     The main advantage of a matched pair like the MAT02 is the low
> emmiter bulk resistance (Rbe).  I may or may not change my opinion on
> that (currently, I am a firm believer in premium matched transistors),
> as my belief system has been pretty thoroughly shaken by the realization
> that you can buy a bag of 2n3904's and have most of them be withing a
> couple of hundred microvolts of each other,


The main benefit is that the transistors are on the same die, meaning the
temperature, meaning "matched" Vbe. This results in matched Ic.

Or, going "backwards", for a fixed Ic, a matced set of Vbe drops.

Paul S.

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