[sdiy] The future of synth DIY

patchell patchell at silcom.com
Sun Mar 4 01:57:07 CET 2001

    Oppsss...guess I should have been reading my own web pages....I wonder if
this is the same reason so many dot-coms are going out of business...:-)

        The web page has been updated...I do have everything that is listed on
that page.

KA4HJH wrote:

> >    Actually Harry, it has already been done....
> >
> >        For details go to http://www.silcom.com/~patchell/parts/parts.html
> >
> >        I also have THAT120's and THAT140's.
> I forgot all about this.
> BTW, the page says "As of today , July 30, 1999, non of these are on hand
> yet, so don't ask me for them.  Keep posted here, and I will let you know
> when I have what.  Here is what is planned for the immediate future."
> Guess it's time for an update. Everything is in the future tense. Maybe
> that's why I forgot about it!
> I'm not griping--I'm glad someone is doing this. Keep up the good work.
> Now that I look at it again, do you actually have 3280's? Or is that really
> in the past? (I seem to remember discussing them on the list a couple of
> times now).
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> Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
> "The Mac Doctor"

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