[sdiy] The future of synth DIY

Glen mclilith at ezwv.com
Fri Mar 2 19:15:00 CET 2001

At 03:03 AM 3/2/01 , Scott Gravenhorst wrote:

>But here, in the USA, I remember that people bought rocks
>for $5.00 each when they were marketed as pets.

Okay, then we just need a good marketing and advertising plan. We'll
resurrect some old hard-to-get or extinct parts by selling them in mass
quantities directly to the general population. 

But, you say that the general population has no need for raw chips? It
doesn't matter. If simple rocks can be sold to the population, why not
chips? We just need a creative story line to tell the people, a trendy
reason to buy integrated circuits. Does anyone have any *good* ideas?
Here's a few not-so-good ideas to get you started:

1.   Pet Chips? - It worked for pet rocks.

2.   Chip collecting, as an alternative to stamps or coins?

3.   "The Save-A-Chip Foundation" - A charity that solicits money from the
public for reviving rare or extinct chips.

4.   Let "The Franklin Mint" start selling chips as collectibles. The tops
of which, have been either engraved or silk screened with commemorative
images, such as a collection of portraits all the US Presidents. (For
example, Abraham Lincoln might be a ua726, George Washington might be an
SSM2040, etc.)

5.   (Place some idea that will actually work, here.)


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