Guitar pickups, part three

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Mon Jul 24 09:20:56 CEST 2000

Don Tillman <don at> writes:

> In the unlikely case you haven't had enough of my analyses of guitar
> pickups, here is a Java applet that graphically demonstrates some of
> the equations from my previous two articles.
> It's also pretty entertaining.

Right on!  But shouldn't the response for a single pickup be symmetric
about the center of the string?  E.g., shouldn't the response at the
5th and 24th frets match, or am I missing something?  The peaks and
valleys look correct at the bridge (a node for all frequencies), 24th,
and 12th frets, but at the nut the response is not zero like I would
expect.  I'm too lazy to go back and look at the equations :-)

Oh.  I get it.  At the fifth fret, the response for all the harmonics
(i.e., the only frequencies which actually occur) matches the response
at the 24th fret.  The rest of the frequencies don't actually occur in
practice and therefore don't matter.  Interesting.

On a further note, I can't get the note fretting feature to work
(netscape 4.7 on linux), and could you please add the pickup position
information from the articles to the reference number section?

> This is the last one; I'm a little burnt out on the topic. :-)
>   -- Don
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> Don Tillman
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