matched transistors in chips

Paul Perry pfperry at
Fri Jul 21 15:21:50 CEST 2000

At 07:41 AM 21/07/00 EDT, Michael Bacich wrote:

>If I remember correctly (and I may not..), those IC's are just four separate 
>transistor dies miolded into one plastic package.  They are not four 
>transistors formed on one substrate/die.  

For all I know, this may be true. But, I can't see any economic sense in putting
separate dies into the one package, when it would be so much cheaper to just
make the 4 transistors on the one die. Perhaps one of the semi fab experts
will enlighten us! If they ARE matched, then of course it would be sensible
(& GOOD!)

Perhaps someone will make a transistor checker that accepts bandolier
mounted transistors
and prints out the characteristics, so we can put the characteristics into a
that gives the best matchings! Fun for the long winter nights.. winding a
roll of 
transistors through..

paul perry Melbourne Australia

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