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Still more reasons the message sent by mirwin1 at istar.ca did not reach the list:

majordomo will filter messages sent to a list for common mistakes, like
s*bscribe, h*lp, uns*bscribe etc etc. If you send a message with the subject
"h*lp" to a mailing list it will be bounced to the list maintainer for 
processing, see below.  If you'd know how many admin messages there are 
in a day you'll forgive me I had not spotted this one yet.

Mike Irwin's message below was bounced due to the "Help!" in the subject, but
would otherwise have been bounced due to the size, probably.

I don't remember any direct messages about these problems. I'd welcome direct
messages when there are difficulties. I'm not on synth-diy with a 
high profile, or begging for "thank you's" all the time for running the list,
I'm running it because synthesizer DIY has my heart, I can do it, and it is a 
way to contribute to this community. I don't think I've been "unresponsive",
I simply cannot read each and every message. Best is to email me directly
in case of real trouble. Finding discussions on synth-diy about the service
level of the list, or even moving it to another location *do* hurt.

Rick Jansen

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Subject: Help! Electroharmonix LFO Circuit Operation
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Has anybody figured out how this circuit works (see attached gif)? It supplies voltage drive to the
of the CA3094's in the allpass stages of the Small Stone phaser, making each Iabc pin into a
exponential current source. I have duplicated the circuit using the CA3094 OTA, also using an
LM13600 plus
external Darlington. I can see that the OTA acts as an integrator, feeding current into the 33 uF
which is buffered by the internal Darl
Rick Jansen
rja at euronet.nl    http://www.euronet.nl/~rja
S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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