WeAreAs1 at aol.com WeAreAs1 at aol.com
Mon Jul 10 08:55:21 CEST 2000

Woah, cowboys!  Simmer down now!

I happen to think that Rick has done a fantastic job of creating and managing 
the very best mailing list on the planet, and he did it through lots of hard 
work, patience, and well-considered effort (and probably a bit of money, 
too).  As most will agree, it turned out pretty damn great.  And I'm pretty 
sure that Rick is quite proud of this achievement.  Furthermore, I don't 
think he has ever expressed any interest (or willingness) in giving up 
ownership of the Synth-DIY list.

So, if some people are having some problems getting their messages posted, 
the discussion should pertain to how to solve those particular problems.  We 
should not be discussing new ownership of the list.  I would think that Rick 
would find such discussion ungrateful and insulting, considering what he has 
done for us.

If Rick hasn't been responding to email, I'm sure there is a good reason, and 
I'm sure he will get around to it when time permits.  Keep in mind that he 
doesn't make a sixpence from this list, and (unlike me), he also has a life.

Unfortunately, I'm sorry that I cannot offer any useful suggestions to those 
who are having posting problems (other than "get an AOL account"... which 
probably sounds a bit like "let them eat cake!")

Michael Bacich

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