MAD1108 and matching parts

danial stocks diode at
Sat Jul 8 06:35:42 CEST 2000

>Dear Tom,
>I think a way of matching parts would be great , for those who can't get
>hold of some of the altready matched parts .....
>I'm thinking of making a phaser using ota's [ Ca3094  ]
>and I decided [ with advice from people on this list ] to use 1%
>resistors and caps for the network.
>but other people on the diy list suggest that I now need to match the
>ota's .
>anyone know a schematic to do this ?
>regards Peter
>South London England

I dont think you need to match the ota's.. each ota stage funcrtions as its 
own all pass filter/ shifter.. so if they aint matched maybe one will have a 
few degrees more shift than another at times.. does it matter? I made an 8 
stage phaser with LM13600's [4 of them!] and I used standard 5%res, 10%? 
caps, chips bought straight from the shop and shoved straight in.. sounds 
far better than the fet phaser I made where I carefully matched all the fets 

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