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J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Sun Jul 30 20:34:42 CEST 2000

I suffer from too-much-stuff-syndrome.  Sometimes I save stuff because it is
worth something, but I don't really have a need for it.  I am trying to mend
my ways.  Toward that end, I have the following stuff to give away that is
full of parts that some DIYer might apprecciate having, even if none of it
ends up in a synth.

I have TWO Primestar digital receivers and the universal remotes that go
with them.  When they converted me to Direct TV (primestar will shut down
9/30/00), they did not want the gear back.  I have opened up the receivers
and find:
Nice 3 digit blue LED display with associated hardware, several pushbottons
for the front control, one circuit boards with nothing but power supply,
regulators, heatsinks etc (not surface mount).  The output voltages are
+5, -5, +3.4, and +20.  Only 120 volt input though, no 220V,  It has at leat
one RF modulator, two circuit boards crammed full of surface mount stuff
mostly probably no good for anything ICs, 20 or so common electrolytics,
nice good size board mount back up battery (3V), RCA, F, phone, S-vidoe,
1/8" phone jacks on the back.  And, a nice case and chassis. AC cord, rear
AC outlet, big ferrite thingy on the AC leads. The universal remotes will
operate veitually any VCR and TV (program codes in).

Anyhow, this stuff is free to anyone is the USA.  I cannot collect any more
junk and I hate to throw it awayall away.  If no one wants it, I will
probably salvage ONLY the heat sinks and a couple of things I am sure to
use.  I'd rather somone have it that woud get more benefit.  I would
appreciate if the person who wants it would pay for the UPS or cheap postal
shipping charges (not real heavy).

Help me over this obsession to save things.
Larry Hendry

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