mad diode chips

Hairy Harry paia2720 at
Mon Jul 24 17:16:12 CEST 2000

The MAD 1109 will drop right into TomG's board. No changes
necessary (except to put in the right location pin1 = pin1)

Is the bid by "jonparker3" the jon parker of DIY I wonder ???

If so... I won't bid against him. I'll just try to buy a couple
after he wins.


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>Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 04:45:27 EDT
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><< For those of you interested, click on this for an auction for 125x 
>  diode array chips on ebay.. dont know if you can use these instead of the
>  1108 that everyone made a fuss abt last month but $1bid.. maybe useful to
>  someone out there.. >>
>Those may indeed be useful to some.  The MAD1108 is eight isolated diodes 
>one substrate in a 16-pin package.  The MAD1109 is seven isolated diodes on
>one substrate in a 14-pin package.  Tom G. uses a pair of the MAD1108's on
>his diode-ladder filter boards.  I don't know if all 16 of the diodes are
>used by this design (I haven't seen the schematic).  How many diodes are
>needed in a 4-pole diode ladder filter?  If it's 14 or less, then the
>MAD1109's would be useful.  However, if you want to just plug the parts 
>Tom G's already-designed PCB's, you'll need the MAD1108's.
>Michael Bacich

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