can you reccomend a solder station?

Netroin at Netroin at
Sun Jul 23 23:10:26 CEST 2000

Just two comments here. 
Ive owned my wtcpt (which was about five years old when I got it) for three 
years now and I love it. Ive heard these things will last 20-30 years.
I still use the 650 degree tip that came with it.
Ive had my hakko 936 with two pencil sizes for about two years and I love it 
In fact most Tandy repair centers have either the hakko's/ec1002's or wtcptc 
on every bench. avoid the wlc100 it's crap. get the wtcpt and a 650deg 
screwdriver tip and a fluke 73 instead of the ec1002.

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