DGS brand 1/4" jacks?

Chris MacDonald macdonald at evenfall.com
Fri Jul 21 06:16:58 CEST 2000

Hi Dave,

I am using the 16PJ022 in the Mini Modular for the rear output jack. 
The ones I received are stamped "Japan" and seem to be fairly sturdy and
of a decent quality.  It's a basic open frame jack, nothing fancy, but
does the job.  If Mouser doesn't want to give out samples, I'd be happy
to send you one.

Best Regards,

Chris MacDonald

DCMagnuson at aol.com wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've been buying Neutrik jacks for my modules, but I'm looking to save a
> little money by using a different brand.  Has anyone used the DGS brand
> 1/4"jacks available from Mouser?  Specifically I've been looking at Mouser
> part numbers:161-1804 and 16PJ022.  I
> I've tried Radio Shack jacks in a pinch, and the spring-arm contact is too
> flimsy, and I fear this may be the case with the less expensive parts from
> DGS.  Anyone try them before?
> Dave Magnuson

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