DGS brand 1/4" jacks?

The Proteus proteus at ugwarehouse.org
Thu Jul 20 22:54:10 CEST 2000


	I haven't personally used the DGS/Deltron jacks, but I've used the
ReAn jacks. If you can tolerate an open-frame jack, these are rock solid.
DigiTech uses them in everything they've got, so does dbx for most of
their product line. I'd get ahold of a few - see if Mouser will sample
a few to you. Usually, they're pretty good about letting 1-3 sample
quantities go out. 
	Where I work, we use Jalco jacks on most of our new stuff, but
stick to the die-hard classic Switchcraft for our high-end samplers and
other equipment. 

Hope this helps,

The Proteus

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On Thu, 20 Jul 2000 DCMagnuson at aol.com wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I've been buying Neutrik jacks for my modules, but I'm looking to save a 
> little money by using a different brand.  Has anyone used the DGS brand 
> 1/4"jacks available from Mouser?  Specifically I've been looking at Mouser 
> part numbers:161-1804 and 16PJ022.  I
> I've tried Radio Shack jacks in a pinch, and the spring-arm contact is too 
> flimsy, and I fear this may be the case with the less expensive parts from 
> DGS.  Anyone try them before?
> Dave Magnuson 

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