Rip Off

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Thu Jul 20 03:20:35 CEST 2000

Well, ya know, although artistically I am usually fairly challenged, as far
as names are concerned, I can usually come up with some doozies as far as
names are concerned..  Hell, half the midwest has stolen my IRC nicks and
used them for DJ or band names..No kidding.. I use a nick, then see the name
on a flyer a month later and ppl are telling me "hrm, thats strange, you
just started using that cool name on IRC and now there is a DJ using it".

Whattya expect? Part of my job at work is to test newly authored DVDs... I
see every cheezy scifi movie on the planet.. Unfortunately, its the old ones
that give me the best ideas.

How something original? Does it have to be named after something that


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> How dissapointed I was to learn that the name I had
> given for my new machine has been ripped off. For a
> while I had been calling my synths things like "M3",
> "S3" etc. Paul Nagle from Sound on Sound suggested
> that I come up with a name for the new machine. I went
> through a variety of quite dreadful names and finally
> remembered the excellent film soundtracked by
> Tangerine Dream, Sorcerer. I called my new device
> Sorcerer. Iwas so enthuesiastic about it, I created
> the website
> http:/
> to proclaim it's impending arrival! Stupid move! I
> spoke to Matt Bell from Sound on Sound yesterday and
> he said "wait a minute ken, there's already a
> Sorcerer, we've got a small article a bout it on page
> 48 of the july issue, it's made by Analogue Systems"
> Great! It took some time to come up with that name,
> which I believe has some originality to it. Sadly
> there's not a lot I can do about it but feel miffed!
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