Microprocessors for Musical Applications

Greg Montalbano Greg.Montalbano at ucop.edu
Tue Jul 18 18:24:11 CEST 2000

The recent talk on the list about Hal Chamberlain's MUSICAL APPLICATIONS
FOR MICROPROCESSORS fired a few synapses in my age-addled brain;  continued
excavation of the famous garage uncovered my old SYM-1 Microcomputer, which
I would like to offer to anyone on the list(s) who might have some use for
it (and still remembers how to program in hex).

What I have is a couple of SYM-1 boards (the late-seventies single-board
computer concept, built around the 6502 chip)-- one fully implemented, one
spare; a pile of spare RAM chips with expansion board (which was never
installed); a DAC board with program tapes from Microtechnologies Unlimited
(with a sheaf of instructions, including many Chamberlain-article
reprints), and about eight pounds of manuals and documentation.  All that
seems to be missing is a simple 5-volt power supply and cheap cassette deck
for loading/saving

I'm willing to let this stuff go for free to anyone who 1) will pay the
cost of shipping, and 2) actually has some interest, and will use it (I
swear right now, if someone says they want it, and it turns up on ebay next
month for $500, I will track you down, sit on your chest, and explain my
philosophy of life -- an experience NONE have survived).  

All questions, comments and recipes will be duly considered.

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