Korg Trident schematic?

Hcabnivek at aol.com Hcabnivek at aol.com
Mon Jul 17 00:42:33 CEST 2000

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dragonser at clara.net writes:

> Dear Hcabnivek at aol.com wrote:
>  I think it uses the hard to find Ua 726 ic , but I think this is
>  multiplexed rather than useing 8 of them ......
>  regards Peter 
>  South London England

Yes, this is my impression as well.  I am mainly interested in looking at the 
multiplexing circuitry, as I am working on a poly design with many vcos, and 
I have been given what I think is some very good advice about using linear 
vcos and a multiplexed expo conv  (al a Trident & Polysix).  Unfortunately, I 
don't know much about how to multiplex and be able to tune and lin FM each 
vco separately.  My experience ends at building single expo vcos.  I haven't 
seen much on this sort of thing on the diy gurus' web pages.
Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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