Simple VCA

Paul Maddox paul.maddox at
Sun Jul 16 15:51:40 CEST 2000


  OK maybe I used teh wrong word..

  its NOT a VCA I want..

  I will have an EG (0v - 12V) and I need to scale it according to a CV.
so I can adjust the effictly the height of the EG.

  Ive tried the FET attenuator thing, but cant get it to be sensible enough
(too sensative
to control voltage).

  Ive not tried the NPN example scott sent me (for some reason I didnt think
of it)
but I will have a play.

 I want to try and keep it simple, a 13700 seems like a sledgehammer to
crack a nut to me.

  Many thanks
  Paul Maddox

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