[EFM] What EFM designs can be run from +9 volt supply?

>>>marjan<<< urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Sat Jul 15 17:54:06 CEST 2000

> > P.S. Tom, a few years back you had sent me a schematic for a diode-ladder
> > filter that was optimized to work off of +9 volts. I finished soldering
> > about 80% of the filter, but a new job and moving to a new state got in

BTW, while talking singlesupply vcf6, any advice how to use one opamp
from lm3900
norton in place of normal opamp in there? I have a design with one opamp
from 3900
left unused and I want to make it vcf6, it runs off 2 9V batterys.
opamp in vcf6 is standard diff amp, from one tap of ladder goes 100K and
10n in series
to - in of opamp. from other ladder tap goes 10n cap to + input and from
it 100K res
to vcc/2 (speaking of single supply version), and 1M res in opamp
Now, how to change it to acommodate lm3900?



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