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Tue Jul 11 12:32:47 CEST 2000


> what use is for sampler.. how can I play music with it?
> I mean. I have experience only with software and synths etc.
> but no sampler itself excactly...
> For example can sampler be played from keyboard so sounds
> changes pitch or speed or what....

The basic use of a smapler is as you describe, you sample a sound.
say a human voice singing, and then play it back at varying pitches.
most samples do this for you and repsond from midi.

Say you want a piano, this would be an ideal use.. you sample
one (or two) notes from a piano and hey presto instant piano.

You can do interesting stuff with sampleing non-musical sounds,
like , wind, cars, bits of metal, farts and so on.

You can do a lot more wiht modern samplers, filters cross fades,
loops and all sorts.

Most modern synths use a variation of this for storing the sounds
and are essentially sample playback machines (all be it multisampled)

Paul Maddox
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