AW: Poly 6 troubleshooting

Ullrich Peter Ullrich at
Tue Jul 11 09:42:33 CEST 2000

>I have just aquired a Korg Poly 6 that requires a bit of a service.
>The biggest problem is that one of the voices is dead. What is the
>best way to find which voice is is not working. 

There is a small LED (looking like a little diode) for each of the 6 voice circuits.
The LED lights when the circuit nearby is active. If you play one note after the other
the voices will be used one after the other. When playing polyphonic some voices
will be used together of course.

So open the case and play one note after the other and look which voice is not working.
When the LED lights but there is no tone the gating circuit is OK, but there must be 
an error with the voice circuit that is generating the tone.

But first of all check the cables and flexiprint between the circuit boards. In my Poly61
I bought for 15$ some voices did not work. I opened it and found a flexiprint between 
two PCBs was not complete plugged into the connector. I plugged it correctly and
all voices worked fine!

You can find the schematics here:


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