kraftwerk sound (klang)

J.G. Wong adaaxs at
Mon Jul 3 07:37:55 CEST 2000

Basically  it is a DecTalk speech synthesizer.  Comes in many different
packages, big box, small box, long isa card, short isa card.  All are
starting to get harder to find because of ssil drivers.  Used mostly by
the blind, Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

For a client I just stuck five into and old 6 slot ISA pc. Not muscially
useful but it talks.  All of the hardware speech synthesizers are fairly
easy to use.  Really going to town on them is quite hard.

I have been thinking of putting one of those note recorders and a Vox
chipset with a simple uart interface to talk back LCD info.If I have any
extra panel space.

If you really want to get into them, post me privately.

G. Wong 

danial stocks wrote:
> >Kraftwerk have a patent for a device called "Robovox", a system for machine
> >generated singing
> >using a speech chip.
> sounds intriguing
> Does anyone have any technical details for this?
> Cheers,
> Dan
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