Compensating multi-stage feedback (was: RE: all tranny vca+ )

Tony Allgood oakley at
Sat Jul 1 23:51:10 CEST 2000

Harry says> OTOH for most synth waveforms... opamps are no problem.

I think I have to agree here. I don't think a good modern op-amp will
have a detrimental effect on any synth's signal so long as you are not
clipping the signal. True, discrete single transistor and tube stuff
will clip in a nicer fashion, but I try to design my op-amp stuff so
that it will not come near clipping so these effects should not ever be
heard. You can do this easily with a +/-15V rail. If you want clipping
thats fine, just don't do it with a TL072. As for IMD aspects... I
remain sceptical. The loudspeaker and your own ears are far more non
linear to worry about the op-amps in the circuit.

Just remember that when you listen to most recorded music its already
been through half a dozen op-amps in every channel of a mixing desk.


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