Compensating multi-stage feedback (was: RE: all tranny vca+ )

René Schmitz uzs159 at
Sat Jul 1 12:34:15 CEST 2000

At 21:05 30.06.00 -0700, tomg wrote:
>So are saying that only 75% of your audio path is in a negative
>feedback  loop...ok....
>> >100% agreed. I'd even go one step further: The complete audio path can be
>> >done without negative feedback. (And hence no compensation.)
>> That's what I intended to say. Been there, done that - the audio path of
>> JH-4 synth is completely built that way. The only multi stage feedback
>> is in the VCFs, to get resonance.
>> JH.

To make the filter oscillate you need positive feedback!!
IMO this doesn't count as the purpose isn't to improve a gain stage. 
And quite tricky to compensate. *grin*


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