OT: SCSI ribbon cable & adapters?

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Sun Oct 17 03:58:01 CEST 1999

>I'd like to  replace the floppy inside my peavey SP sampler and install an
>internal ZIP.
>I need a DB25 female ribbon cable to 50 pin internal SCSI connector. (I know
>it must have a proper name but I can't seem to remember it now). 

I'd just like to mention that you should make sure that it's a SCSI floppy.
IDE and the internal SCSI connectors are rather similar (the dual rows of
pins on .01" centers), but the signals each carries are nothing alike.

A giveaway that the floppy is SCSI would be a set of jumpers/DIP switches to
set the SCSI address.  Another way to check might be to see where the
conenctors elad on the main board, and see if you can tell which chip is the
drive controller.  NCR/Adaptec parts point to SCSI, while Western
Digital/NEC point to IDE...but you should probably check with the vendor to
verify this agains t chip numbers to make sure!


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