Tempco's at Farnell

Chris Crosskey chris.crosskey at metrics.co.uk
Wed Sep 30 16:19:59 CEST 1998

I've just got the new Farnell catalogue at work and they have a new
range of tempco's in 3000ppm PTC axial lead from Meggitt, 1.32 UKP per
and you can buy them singly, for you folks in the states and the other
ex-colonies etc I guess you'd better go to Newark....Farnell part number
732-280 for 10K, 732-278 for 1k and 732-308 for 5k1.
	Also they have a new range of SMD tempco's in 0805 packages (very
small, you could fit them under a DIL package in a carrier if you
wanted....) they are 3000 ppm and 390ppm devices, in 1k, 1k5, 2k and 3k
values with 680r availabel in 3900ppm. you have to buy a bag of 5 and
that's 2.1 UKP, all prices not including VAT.....


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