ODP: smoked my OB-1 : (

Roman Sowa rsowa at WizjaTV.pl
Mon Sep 28 11:55:13 CEST 1998

Looks like reversed power supply polarity.
>From your description i assume those blue thingies
are tantalium electro-caps, which did'n make it.
BTW i've never seen tantal cap dead from reversed voltage,
how do they look like inside? ;-)

Disconnect power cable from PCB (don't know OB-1, that's
what i would do) check voltage polarity: + should be
where (+ and strip) labeled legs of those broken "thingies" are.
if not - your switch replacement made you waste your OB-1.

Replace all caps, which were broken, and also those, which
were supose to blow and didn't. (i.e. PS bypasing caps)

I think some of the circuitry survived, but there must be something
which is dead for good, and most likely it will be hard-to-get parts.


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> Temat:	smoked my OB-1 : (
> Apparently, replacing a fuse and fuse cap which were missing, and
> replacing
> the broken power switch on my "new" OB-1, wasnt such a good idea.   Wasnt
> long before
> the smoke and stench made itself apparent.  What I can see inside the unit
> is
> a couple of small bulbous blue thingies (labeled +6.8  +35v) on the main
> circuit board had split and and spit their innards onto the circuit board.

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