Components with potential

jhaible jhaible at
Thu Sep 24 18:49:48 CEST 1998

> As a new item they have the BC847/857. It is a matched dual transistor
> Philips. It is available as both PNP and NPN and is dirt cheap (SEK 2:42
> $0.30 for one). Has anybody tried these? Unfortunately they only seem to
> available in surface mount package (SOT363-6). But it should be possible
> solder it to a component carrier and put it in an ordinary IC socket.

This is *very* interesting !
Especially the pnp pair (which one of the two is it ?).
This might be the key to build expo converters for 3080's, or even
without matching transistors - hey, if they are SMD, that's at least no
for *this* application ...
I saw it listed at RS Components, too. DM 2,- (one dollar), but still ok if
they are what we think they are.
There is no description, not even that it is a dual type, just the number
Do you have more details ?


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