Evil sampler?

mark verbos verbos at on-q.com
Mon Sep 21 11:00:23 CEST 1998

Ingo Debus wrote:

> Christian Hofmann wrote:
> > Of course we all know that the sampler is evil ;-)
> I do see the ;-) but I don't get the point. Why is a sampler evil?
> We have been talking about Hammonds, Leslies, tape echoes and other
> non-synthesizers and it was all very interesting (at least to me).
> I have a lot of fun creating sounds with my sampler. For instance, I
> tried to make a pitch-bend controlled Shepard tone with it, since none
> of my synthesizers allow volume to be controlled by MIDI pitch bend
> messages (didn't work too well, though).
> BTW, Steve Reich uses samplers but not synthesizers because in his
> opinion all synthesizer sounds stink. ;-)

who ever said that just because you like analog synthesizers, you cannot
like digital machines (samplers for instance)? This is a sorta dumb
argument, isn't it?
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