MIDI programmer

bert mouwen bmouwen at stad.dsl.nl
Wed Sep 16 06:44:18 CEST 1998

found some documentation on the PHAT.BOY.

14 knobs, hardwired for GS-format-controls :(.
Lowest price seen until now is about f500,- (something like 250$).
(FAT BOY can also do a tric with some "snapshot button", don't know what,
but it seems to be related to buiding sound libraries on sequencers?)

Could be worse. But what you have seen sounds at least as the same
value-for-money. Especially if you take these comfortable sliders
in account (and of coarse the midi2cv feature). Thanks for the tip. I'm 
going to look out for the thing.
200UKP = $350 or so? Boy will we be glad when we must go counting money 
in Euro's ;). Will need a new keyboard!
The PhatBoy seems perfectly suited for PC-based synth-engines or 
GS/GM-modules (or kboards). And it's small enough to stick onto a decent 


pharding at mail.ndirect.co.uk wrote:
> I was shown a prototype of a box called the "Control Freak" when i
> called into Kenton Electronics a few weeks ago.this is similar to
> the box you describe . It has about 8 or 10 sliders on the front
> panel which can be assigned to any midi parameter.
> cost is estimated at 200UKP ...i would buy one now if i had the
> money.........

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