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bert mouwen bmouwen at stad.dsl.nl
Tue Sep 15 10:43:18 CEST 1998

Thomas Hudson wrote:
> Zorin sells a 68HC11-based MIDI controller board that looks ripe
> for such projects.
> http://www.zorinco.com/ModCon.html

Downloaded about the complete site. Pretty technical stuff all.
And still a couple of hundreds ($).
Plus: I have this strange feeling my life will ever end,
and so time is music...

This all remembered me of my visit to  the "Music Expo" in Rotterdam 
last weekend. Saw a little box with about 14 knobs. All assignable to
a free-to-choose controller someone told me. midi in; midi out, i don't
know anymore/yet. But I shure am going to take a look at the GEM- (or 
LEM-) site this week for info about the Fat Boy. That's the name of this 
little controller wonder. Imagine the possibilities modifying it to react
on alternative pot-behaving controllers? I thought the price was about 
$350? Or even less? Not that rich at THIS moment, but these kind of 
devices are getting  more common in increasing tempo. I think perhaps it 
has to do with all the softsynths that are being created. Controlling 
sound with a mouse is really not cool. Knobs are.
b.t.w. Most of the newer yamaha synths (even the cheapest ones) have a 
lot of controller knobs too :-)>.

> boldman at interplanet.it wrote:
> >
> > Hi everybody, is there any DIY project for a midi device which assign a
> > slider or a pot to any of the 128 possible midi controlled parameter.

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