CA3046 VCA

jorgen.bergfors at jorgen.bergfors at
Mon Sep 14 08:16:06 CEST 1998

Hi Chris

I finally got some CA3046s and tried the circuit with them. It turns out the 
offset / CV bleed through is *a lot* less with that, than with the 3086. I 
still recommend adding the trimmer, but I suppose for some applications it 
might not be necessary. Anyway, if you use a CA3046, reduce the trimmer to 1k 
(instead of 10k). That's more than enough, whereas the 3086 needed 10k (I tried 
5k, it wasn't enough). Apart for this, the performance is the same with the two 


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To:  Jorgen Bergfors at IDGSE
Subject: Re: CA3046 VCA 

Hi Jorgen,
Thanks for the Mail on this subject, I'll probably integrate the whole 
lot on
new version of the board sooner or later, I think if I do two as linear 
as log it will still all be there OK, and the circuit is so chepa that 
will mind....Many thanks for all the suggestions....


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