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Thu Sep 10 18:55:49 CEST 1998

On Thu, 10 Sep 1998, Jeremy Brookes wrote:
> On the old Yamaha FM boxes (4-operator stuff at least), the Breath
> Controller wasn't really a separate controller. It's value was added to
> the value of the modulation controller. You could alter the sensitivity
> of each and alter the sensitivity of some parameters to each. Anything
> that the Breath Controller could do, you could do with the Modulation
> Controller, all it does is give you a second source of control.
> The BC input on the 4-ops could be controlled by a pot. It's 3 pins,
> one at 5V, one at 0V, a pot across these with a wiper to the remaining
> pin.

Very interesting.. has anybody tried doing this with a tx-81z? I would be
interested to see somebody put a twiddle-able knob on the front panel. If
for no other reason than that it would be nifty for live performance.  
(installed, say, where the "phones" jack currently is) I've never opened
one up - never had any reason to - so I have no idea if this is too
feasible in terms of room inside the chassis. Maybe this weekend I'll poke
around inside. 

who loves his tx-81z

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