breath controller schematics

bert mouwen bmouwen at
Thu Sep 10 22:09:19 CEST 1998

hello people.

thanks to all who did the sdiy-archive job I could do a bit sherlock 
holmes-like job on interesting (to me i.e.) topics.

Starting with january 96 I was glad immediately to encounter JH's 
question about breathcontroller-schematics.
Next I was  a little diappointed to discover several other "breathes" in 
the following months, but none of them associated with a controller.

Wed, 17 Jan 96 14:45:00 PST,
Haible_Juergen wrote:

> I'd like to built an analogue interface for my Yamaha VL-7 that
> shall replace the BC-2 original Breath Controller.
> The reason is I don't want something stuck into my mouth while
> ..
> What I need is the voltage range / impedance etc. of the Breath
> Controller interface. Ok, I could start some measurements, but
> as the BC-2 was supported by previous (FM-) synths as well, I am
> sure somebody has the schematics / information laying around.

Me myself I have simular motives for a repeat of this request.
First it's always a waste to leave a controller-input unused.
Second motive:
I've bought a Casio breathcontroller (second hand), but the thing seems 
to have an effect that is opposite to what i expect:
as soon as i breath into the device, breath conroller jumps to maximum 
value and decreases by breathing more intense. Or is this also the case 
with the official Yamaha BC?

Juergen, did you find out things since jan 96?.
A request sent by me to Yamaha's support did not generate any reaction.

grtz. bert.

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