Martin Czech martin.czech at intermetall.de
Thu Sep 10 10:09:24 CEST 1998

> The frequency is fixed, but can be programmed for example with
> 4 switches on the panel, representing the binary code of N.
> You are right, it is some kind of hard sync.
> >Will the amplitude of the
> >slaves not deminish, if the master frequency rises? For every octave
> >the slave output should go down by 0.5.  Or am I completely wrong ?
> Yes. I looked over that. You are right.
> After the mixer, i have to include a linear VCA, which is controlled by
> the voltage corresponding to the master frequency (which should not
> be so complicated, but its a bit nuisance.) 
> Nevertheless, I think, this design is not too lavish.
Carefull! Maybe this is a feature, not a shortcomming!  It is not
unlikely, that this amplitude drop also is part of the original instrument
sound. It's all tubes, and at times where tubes were expensive, one may
have ommitted the voltage control of the slave osc.

You don't need a vca if your slave osc. are a perfect copy of the master
but without own comparator. Then they will track.


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