Top 1O Modules

tomg tomg at
Fri Sep 4 10:56:05 CEST 1998

OK Paul wants a pitch-to-voltage converter,
Sean wants effects and Thomas wants cv stuff.

I planned an effects section and have a lot
of nice stuff to put in there. Sean, intrested
in a Tom-ified bi-phase? How about a HM-2 type
distortion? 3OO8 delay & 1O24 flanger? But I 
need to wrap up my current synth projects first.

I have done some cv stuff. Random cv (LFO2), 
logic (BLM) and sequencing (SEQ) and the planned 
26OO knock off will possibly take care of some. 
I am planning the BLM2 and I could make a few 
additions to it.

And Paul, I got out the ARP F/V converter today
to have a look.. I don't know about this design.
I have a oooold 94OO design that as I remember
almost worked. Can we still get 94OOs somewhere? 
I'll give it a go and see what happens it might 
be worth tracking one down. Any other suggestions
would be accepted..


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