AW: Phasers - if you don't have enough already

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Wed Sep 2 10:36:59 CEST 1998

> No magic - just utilizing high quality VCAs with limited output swing
> for a general all pass block. Intention is a high quality reissue of the
> Variable Slope Filter / Phaser, for example. It's important to have
> control of each individual pole (in LP case) or pole / zero pair (in AP
> case). 

This would be the perfect application for a SVF then. Control
poles/zeros with fc and q.

> Adding HP and LP in the SVF gives a Notch Filter (i.e. "2-pole phaser"),
> not the mere all pass building block.
Sorry, that was from my head. I remember adding two outputs giving
real all pass. Maybe it was bandpath and notch then. I can't remember,
but it is possible.


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