ASM-1 problems/solder flux

John Blacet blacet at
Fri May 29 15:03:09 CEST 1998

Our soldering procedure is to use Kester 331, which has a water based
flux. Cleaning is with luke warm water and a soft brush (such as a
toothbrush). The flux lathers up when brushed and this helps you know
when you are done. Actually it all comes off VERY easily, with extra
attention only required around big items such as pots.

This is followed by a DI water spray and a warm air dry. The DI (or
distilled) water is essential both to remove mineral deposits which
could hydrate in a humid environment and become a source of leakage
current, as Gene has pointed out so concisely, and to avoid water spots
on the dry board.

So far, this has resulted in beautiful boards that soldered very nicely. 
John Blacet
Blacet Research Music Electronics
blacet at

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