ASM-1 more question's

Gur Milstein gur-m at
Sat May 30 04:06:11 CEST 1998

hi folks.
i have more question's.

1)is ther a way to make cv input for controling
the + atunator on the VCF, allso a cv input for controling
the GLIDE and audio input atunators on the VCF ?

2)what are the rules about stacking plugs,can i out put
2 saw frome one out put to control with one the VCF freq
and with the other the AMP gain ?

3)what is beter for a synth to leave the power supply on
all the time or to off it when fenish the day,i heard
that every time you turn on an electronic device it
get a little shock ?

4)can i sloder in to the unused hols(not just the 
panel conectiuon) for closeing them,so
i can clean the flux frome the pcb with out the liquid go in to the component

5)what are the optiuon for cleining flux ,spray,water...which
is best ?

Gur Milstein

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