VCF pcbs

Tony Allgood oakley at
Fri May 29 12:04:59 CEST 1998

Hello all,

This is a message to all those who have expressed an interest in purchasing
a PCB from me. I am sorry I have not sorted things out yet, but last week we
had fire in the kitchen of our house. No one was hurt, and very little was
directly burnt, but the smoke damage is not good. We have cleaned up most of
the things but these things take time. Because of this, I will not be
ordering any the PCBs for the next month or so. I just haven't got the
cash... we now need it for other things. So, if anyone would like a board
please be patient. However, if they would like the gerber files to have it
done themselves then contact me. I could also upload the photoplots, but it
is a double sided board with a high track density, so its not one for the
FeCl bath that you have in the garage. Alternatively, any users of EDWin
could have the database that has ALL the board information.

Yours from the land of smelly kitchens,

Tony Allgood, Cumbria, UK

e-mail: oakley at

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